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Hi! Welcome to Poppi's Planet! A new children's show based on empathy, awareness, and FUN.


This show focuses on the ability to understand the perspectives of others in an educational way. 

We will be exploring what it means to be our unique selves in this world we all share!


About Poppi's Planet

Poppi's Planet is a new children's show based on empathy, joy and compassion. This show focuses on what being a human is all about. With episodes dedicated to certain feelings and emotions, Poppi will help children gain a sense of self awareness with a playful spirit. Leaving children with encouragement to explore what they've learned. 


With the rise of more screens around their developing brains, each episode will be educational, have a strong theme, and get back to lessons that sometimes feel lost in our time. 

This show encourages not only what we all have in common, being human, but it also touches on new perspectives. Celebrating what makes us UNIQUE and DIFFERENT...where we are from, what language we speak, what are our customs and culture like? Establishing that we are all on this planet together.


Thats ALOT to create and establish! Heres some help knowing what to expect. 

Season One

Self Awareness- movement of the body- dance and yoga 

Understanding Emotions- use of puppets and books

Giving Back- Acts of Kindness-Respect for our Planet 

Season Two

Filmed throughout Central America to highlight different cultures and how they show compassion and joy. 


Thank you for watching. Let's give kids tools to help change the world! 


Creative Director Erin Shea

Erin's background is in theatre, dance, and teaching English as a Second language. Performance and puppetry, incorporating theatrics to help children learn the English and gain self confidence. Erin began to practice meditation, yoga in 2007 and has had a great response involving these practices for children. Realizing that working with children now shows a sign of the times. Theres a lack of compassion, stress of comparing themselves from multiple platforms, and in need of joy. Erin believes instilling the root of self awareness to help children learn and grow.. and to better deal with this world.



Poppi's Planet will come to your local school or library for a 45 minute interactive performance!

Contact for Pricing and Details  

BE InVOLVED Helping kids spread compassion!

I am looking for more kids of all ages to be in my show! Contact me for more information! Missions include good deeds, interviews about what brings them joy and more!


YouTube: Poppi's Planet